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Nicholas Fainlight is an aspiring finance professional.

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Nicholas Fainlight- Futures Trading

Futures Trading Part 4: Stops and Rolls

If you’ve stuck it out this long, I commend you. Just kidding- hopefully you’ve enjoyed my four-part series on futures trading! If you stumbled upon this blog by chance and don’t know what I’m talking about, TURN BACK NOW. Not actually- but if you want a full understanding of futures trading, I suggest you start […]

Futures trading part 2- leverage (1)

Futures Trading Part 3: Risk

If this is your first time tuning in, then you’ll probably want to check out my first two blogs in this futures trading series first, where I cover a basic introduction to futures trading and leverage. I’ve had an interest in futures trading for about as long as I’ve had an interest in finance- which […]

Futures trading part 2- leverage

Futures Trading Part 2: Leverage

I promised I would give you a four-part series on futures trading, and I always deliver on my promises. So ta-da, here it is for those of you who have an interest in the stockmarket like I do. In my first post about futures trading, I gave a general introduction to this area of the […]

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Futures Trading 101-Part 1: What is Futures Trading?

I recently published a blog post covering an introduction to the topic of futures trading, one of my personal favorite areas of finance. This is going to be part of a four-part series focused on the following: Intro: What is futures trading? Leverage Risk Stops and rolls/conclusion For the original post, please follow the link […]


How to Protect Yourself from Online Shopping Fraud This Holiday Season

In a similar vein to a blog I wrote recently about how to avoid overspending during the holidays, I recently came upon a Forbes article about how online shopping fraud is especially prevalent during the holidays and what you can do to protect yourself. It’s a shame that a time of year that’s supposed to […]

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