Nicholas Fainlight is an aspiring young professional who is studying finance. His interest in the economy began at a young age. Fainlight grew up around many family members and friends who were enthusiastic about economics. His mother and two uncles worked in the finance industry. He grew up in an area right outside New York City, where people were largely money-focused. Due to this upbringing, Nicholas always kept an eye on finances when he was young.

In junior high school, Fainlight took his first economics class. In high school, he continued to take courses in this field. He enjoyed economics classes and English classes. When it came time to decide his career path, he chose economics over English and never looked back. Fainlight’s favorite part of studying economics is that instead of just looking at spreadsheets, he gets to cover a wide span of topics including business law. He loves getting a broader view of a technical topic. Fainlight looks up to his professors as mentors because they are successful in the field.

Fainlight is currently completing a sales internship for the Charlotte, North Carolina-based basketball team, the Charlotte Hornets. He enjoys that this internship allows him to monitor economic trends and put his financial knowledge to use.

Nicholas Fainlight is fascinated with futures trading. Futures trading involves trying to predict future market trends based on past trends. It also involves making bets on whether or not a stock, currency, or other value will change. There are numerous ways to get into futures trading. It is a very involved task in which one needs to keep up with what is happening within the market, be it something regarding a company or currency. Fainlight is enthusiastic about futures trading because he loves how exciting and unpredictable it can be.

For the same reasons, Fainlight also keeps a close eye on the sustainable energy market. He’s fascinated in the uncertainty surrounding alternative forms of energy, such as solar panels, and the potential risks and rewards that come with putting money into these technologies.

Nicholas Fainlight has an interest in the economy of sports but has a nuanced view on the matter. He finds it rather arbitrary how an economist can decide how much a team is worth. In this way, a group of people can make a decision that can forever alter a team or company’s future. If a team builds a new stadium or a company builds a new plant, their valuation can double in a day. Fainlight finds it interesting how volatile the value of a team or company can be.

Fainlight is also excited by all of the technological advances in finance recently, especially in the way of phone apps. There so many international forums for people to trade on and he finds this accessibility amazing.

Through his studies and experience, Nicholas Fainlight has learned that it is important to be personable when working in finance. Fainlight believes in being outgoing and taking risks. He is not afraid to test the limits and he learns through experience rather than fearing failure. Fainlight is a determined finance student whose perseverance for success never wanes.

Outside of his professional aspirations, Nicholas Fainlight loves participating in and following sports. Over the years he’s been on little league baseball teams, swam competitively, duked it on the rugby field, and has hit the fields in rugby. One of his favorite athletes is Michael Phelps and he closely follows the Chelsea FC team.

Nicholas Fainlight on the rugby field wearing a red jersey and facing the camera

Nicholas Fainlight on the rugby field while playing for Roanoke College

For Nicholas, sports are more than just a source of exercise or a way to pass to the time. They’re ways to make friends, collaborate as part of team, and leave with insights about oneself and others.