Nicholas Fainlight is a young professional located in Hartford, CT. Nicholas attended college to earn a bachelor’s degree in finance and business, two of his main interests. Growing up, Nicholas was surrounded by family members who worked in the finance or business industry, so he’s familiar with careers in these fields. From a young age, he was familiar with the events of the finance world and had extensive knowledge about business and finance that was unusual for someone in a younger generation.

After graduation, Nicholas Fainlight has decided to pursue a career involving both business and finance. He hopes to find a way to incorporate both of these passions into one job. Nicholas aims to use his understanding of finance and business to help businesses develop a solid financial plan and achieve financial stability.

Nicholas Fainlight believes that one of the most important things for young professionals to cultivate is their financial education. Most people never receive a formal education on finance even though it’s an integral part of our lives. You need money to survive in the world and you’ll need to work to get money. A greater understanding of your personal finances and how the economy works with help you navigate your way through life.

When not focusing on business and finance, Nicholas Fainlight enjoys sports, either by watching or participating. He also is interested in fintech, alternative energy, and sports technology.



JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital

Business Development Associate

  • JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital strives to shatter the norm by building disruptive, market-transforming enterprises globally across a myriad of industries.
  • Working to find, explore and validate investment opportunities while handling daily operations of existing investment companies.
  • Expanding our network of funding and vetting every prospect to grow our company into a global force.

Charlotte Hornets

Premium and Membership Sales Intern

  • Generated 700+ leads for Inside Sales Account Executives by way of networking and identifying legitimate accounts previously listed in CRM system.
  • Averaged 50 outbound marketing and sales calls daily.
  • Prepared game day duties for account executives and oversaw sales tables for prospecting future clients at every home game.
  • Created unique contests for sales representatives as a training tool.
  • Managed inventory of giveaway items for prospect incentives.
  • Coordinated interview schedule for candidates applying to the Sales Academy

LPD New York

Operations Manager

  • Shipped retail clothing worldwide to customers and wholesalers.
  • Managed stock taking and reorder levels actively.
  • Handled deliveries and budgeting tasks, such as planning shipping costs for various styles under the main brand.
  • Prepared for pop-up shops and other events to display and sell new fashion lines.


Queens University of Charlotte

  • Degree: Undergraduate
  • Major: Business & Finance


Meet Nicholas Fainlight